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Lokes Looks Studio
Everything under one roof for the entire family
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(209) 832-8361

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Learn beginning Tahitian drumWikipedia: Drums skills in our group class. Our students learn how to play several drums:

  • Toere (big wooden drum). Learn to play various rhythms from Bora Bora to Samba, and many more.
  • Other Tahitian drums. Learn to play drum rolls so that the class becomes an orchestra of Tahitian Drums!
  • Bass drum. Learn to play basic beats.

So, have fun, learn, and then perform in nearby shows with our beautiful Hawaiian/Tahitian Dancers.

All Tahitian drumming students must meet these requirements:

Male or Female

6 and up


With our year-round open enrollment, you can start taking classes any time of the year! Why not start today?

Group Class Schedule
Morning Start End Levels Instructor Room
Saturday 10:00 am 11:00 am All Richard Front Room

The monthly tuition per student is:

Groups Classes:
$60 (4 classes)

Registration Fee:

Family, Multi Class, High School

Contract Required: