Studio name: Lokes Looks Studio. Location: 11th Street, Tracy, California, ca, USA, San Joaquin, Mountain House, Manteca, Stockton, pink building, highway 205. Aliases: Loke, Lokes, Loke Look, Loke Looks, Looks, lokelooks, lokeslooks, lokeslookscom. Staff: Auntie Loke, experienced, Mary Saunders, Miss. Mary, professional. Classes: child, children, instruction, instructor, lessons, school, teaching, teach. Music: drums, drum lessons, drumming lessons, music lessons. Customers: adults, boys, children, families, family-oriented, family friendly, girls, kids, students. Prices: all-in-one, best deal, cheap, discounts, fair, high value, inexpensive, low, one-stop shopping, reasonable.

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Lokes Looks Studio
Everything under one roof for the entire family
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Mary Saunders is our head music instructor who relies on our other instructors to meet the needs of our large student body.

David Lewis Hines
David Lewis Hines
Teaches: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele
Latin Dance

David Lewis Hines has been teaching guitar, piano, and ukulele at Lokes Looks for several years. Students discover that his engaging personality makes learning fun.

David is an accomplished musician who has written, recorded, and produced CDs of his own music. He currently studies acting in college and makes short movies.

Harold Murillo
Teaches: Clarinet Piano

Coming soon...

Mary Saunders
Mary Saunders
Teaches: Piano, Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Singing

As the head music instructor, Mary Saunders teaches everything: piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, and singing. She has been teaching music for over 25 years and began her music studies at age ten. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and a Masters of Education.

Mary loves watching children and adults grow in the arts. She especially enjoys seeing her students have fun while learning.

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