Studio name: Lokes Looks Studio. Location: 11th Street, Tracy, California, ca, USA, San Joaquin, Mountain House, Manteca, Stockton, pink building, highway 205. Aliases: Loke, Lokes, Loke Look, Loke Looks, Looks, lokelooks, lokeslooks, lokeslookscom. Staff: Auntie Loke, experienced, Mary Saunders, Miss. Mary, professional. Classes: child, children, instruction, instructor, lessons, school, teaching, teach. Dance: bachata, belly dance, belly dancing, burlesque, cha cha, dance, dance classes, dance lessons, dancing, entertainment, hip hop, hula dancing, latin, merengue, parties, salsa, tahitian dancing. Customers: adults, boys, children, families, family-oriented, family friendly, girls, kids, students. Prices: all-in-one, best deal, cheap, discounts, fair, high value, inexpensive, low, one-stop shopping, reasonable.

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Lokes Looks Studio
Everything under one roof for the entire family
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(209) 832-8361

Lokes Looks has several dance instructors who teach the diverse dances offered.

Mary Saunders
Mary Saunders
Teaches: Hula/Tahitian, Belly Dance, Latin

Mary Saunders, also known as Miss. Mary and Auntie Loke, is the head dance instructor who teaches many dance classes. She has been teaching dance for over 25 years and began her dance studies at age four. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and a Masters of Education.

Mary loves watching children and adults grow in the arts. She especially enjoys seeing her students have fun while learning.

Mary teaches Hula/Tahitian, Belly, and Latin Dancing at Lokes Looks in the evenings.

Javi Leon
Teaches: Hip Hop

Teaching style is very hands-on, focusing on the fundamentals of music and technique.

Believes that everyone is teachable. There is a dancer inside everyone! By teaching all that he knows, he helps his students to reach their full potential.

In addition to dancing, he enjoys performing in school plays, participating in several clubs, writing, working on music, and working on video projects. His future aspirations include working in the music or film industries.
For further Information contact Javi Leon at 209-914-6396 or Lokes Looks at 209-832-8361.