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Lokes Looks Studio
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Hula/Tahitian dance is a fun, energetic, and creative way to workout that people of all ages can enjoy! Our class combines Hula, Tahitian, Hawaiian Praise, Tongan, and Maori dance.

HulaWikipedia: Hula is a graceful Hawaiian tradition that combines hip movements, footwork, and hand motions. We do both the ancient Kahiko style and more modern styles. Steps are taught in the Hawaiian language and include kaholo, hela, uwehe, kao, ami, figure 8, and box.

TahitianWikipedia: Tahitian Dance dance is a faster paced dance that speeds up your metabolism and tones your entire body especially your core.

In the Spirit of Aloha, our Hulau (school) gives back to the community by performing at various citywide and private functions. Students who choose to perform can purchase costumes through Lokes.

All hula/Tahitian students must meet these requirements:

Male or Female

4 and up

1) Hawaiian pa'u skirt
2) Lokes t-shirt
3) Tahitian pareau

With our year-round open enrollment, you can start taking lessons any time of the year! Why not start today?

Group Class Schedule
Evening Start End Levels Instructor Room
Monday 6:30 pm 8:00 pm All Auntie Loke Studio B
Friday 7:00 pm 8:30 pm All Auntie Loke Front Room

The monthly tuition per student is:

Group Classes:
$60 (8 classes)

Private Lessons:
$118 (4 lessons, 60 minutes each)

Registration Fee:

Free 1st Class, Family, Multi Class, High School

Contract Required: