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Lokes Looks Studio
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This hip hop class will be a very fundamental and fun class!! Come to this class to have fun and learn the basics of hip hopWikipedia: Hip Hop.

Each session is tailored to the age range of the class. You will start with the basics and and all the latest moves will be taught so that each student will be able to put together their own routine as well as a group routine. Before long, you will be gliding, popping, locking, tutting, turfing, and using all kinds of footwork for a fun and fast-moving routine.

Performances are not mandatory but will be given to show the students' progression. All ages are welcome in this class and we hope to see you all there.

Lokes Looks Hip Hop means great exercise, a great workout, and just great dancing. Wear comfortable clothing and get ready to hip hop with Javi Leon!

All hip hop students must meet these requirements:

Male or Female

6 and up

Exercise clothes

With our year-round open enrollment, you can start taking lessons any time of the year! Why not start today?

Group Class Schedule
Evening Start End Levels Instructor Room
Wednesday & Thursday 3:30 pm 5:00 pm All Javi Leon Front Room
Private Class Schedule
Evening Start End Levels Instructor Room
Saturday Open 6:00 pm All Javi Leon Front Room

The monthly tuition per student is:

Group Classes:

Private Lessons:

Registration Fee:

Free 1st Class, Family, Multi Class, High School

Contract Required: