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Lokes Looks staff

Mary Saunders
Mary Saunders
Teaches: Hula/Tahitian, Belly Dance, Latin,
Piano, Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Singing

Mary Saunders, also known as Miss. Mary and Auntie Loke, is the owner and head instructor of Lokes Looks Studio in Tracy, California. She has been teaching music and dance for over 25 years. Born and raised in New York, she began studying dance at age four and music at age ten. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and a Masters of Education.

Mary loves watching children and adults grow in the arts. She especially enjoys seeing her students have fun while learning.

For over 20 years, Mary has been sewing and designing Hawaiian clothing and Belly Dance costumes. Her custom made work can be found inside the Lokes Looks Boutique and has been used for special occasions, such as the hip belt that she made for Miss. Fiji.

Teaches: Belly Dance, Shotokan Karate
Piano, Singing

Mercedes is the official mascot of Lokes Looks Studio. She loves to wear Lokes Looks Hula attire with her latest manicure (Actually, she insists that it is called a pet-i-cure. Go figure.)

With her gentle demeanor, Mercedes is a quiet spectator during Belly Dance class and any other class that she can squeeze into her busy schedule.

Mercedes is a canine of many talents. With her lovely soprano voice, she is undeniably a classical pianist like no other. And she reportedly has one heck of a spinning back kick in Shotokan Karate class.

Priscila Chavez
Michelle is Lokes Looks receptionist, greeter, secretary and teacher. She is talented in many areas and has been working at Lokes Looks for 6 months at this time.
She has the answers to many of your questions. When you call Lokes Looks ask for Michelle or Mary and we will direct you and help you.
Michelle will also be the one who schedules you into your class and will assist in taking any and all payments.
She is our friendly office manager. She will greet you at the door, answer your questions both in person and on the phone, and help with our registration process and discounts.
Michelle has worked in the Dance field for a number of years and is very excited to be here at Lokes Looks helping students and parents.
Fell free to come in with any and all your questions or give us a call. Michelle is also very talented at making leis for graduation, weddings, memorial services - for any occasion.
She can definitely assist you in our Hawaiian Boutique so if you need those gifts or accessories or even an outfit for your next event or travel destination, Michelle can help you in that area as well. She is also a great dancer,performer, and teacher.
Lokes Looks is proud to have such a multi talented young lady and you will be greeted with the Aloha Spirit her at Lokes by this fine young lady.