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Lokes Looks Studio
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It is surprisingly affordable to study music, dance, exercise, and martial arts at Lokes Looks:

Monthly Tuition Per Student
Group Classes Private Lessons
Drums $ $100-$118
Guitar $ $100-$118
Piano $ $100-$118
Singing $ $100-$118
Ukulele $ $100-$118
Violin $ $100-$118
Any 2 Above $ $176-$198
Tahitian Drums $60 $
  Group Classes Private Lessons
Belly Dance $60 $118
Hip Hop $60 $118
Hula/Tahitian $60 $118
Latin Dance $60 $118
Any 2 Above $84 $
Any 3 or More $118 $
Burlesque $ $118
Group Classes Private Lessons
Yoga $60 $
Martial Arts
Group Classes Private Lessons
Karate $60
Tuition is due at 1st lesson/class of month.
$25 late fee applies after the 8th day of month.

The first month's tuition is prorated for students who join after the 1st of the month.

We offer several discounts that can save you even more money:

Free 1st Class (does not apply to private lessons)
Every dance, exercise and martial arts class offers a free first class. So, come in and meet the instructor and the other students. Participation in that first class is optional and no appointment is required. Afterward you may choose to sign up for the class but there is no obligation.

Family Discount
Families can save even more by enrolling more than one child, or a parent and a child. They can attend the same class or different classes. Sign up 3 or more family members and save even more! Contact us for more information. Also, families pay a single registration fee ($25) for the entire family.

Couples Discount (Latin Dance class only)
Couples can save by enrolling together in our Latin Dance class.

Multiple Class Discount
Lokes Looks offers significant discounts for students who sign up for more than one class at our studio. For example: take one dance class for $60 per month and get the second dance class for only $27 per month, or take all of our dance classes for only $110 per month! Contact us for more information.

High School Discount
Any student who attends a high school in Tracy (Tracy High, West, IGCG, Kimball, Stein, etc.) receives a discount on dance classes and music lessons. Contact us for more information.